hiking route picture

If you're a hiker and have a GPS unit, here are some web sites that have trail data. Besides descriptions of trails, they also have tracks / routes / waypoints in gpx format that can be downloaded to your GPS. All are free, but may require registration (name, email address) to access the data.

Free GPS map resources:

http://www.sandiahiking.com/ - THE site for hiking in the Sandias, Mike Coltrin's SandiaMountain Hiking

http://www.travelbygps.com/ - Very high quality GPX data and info for all types of adventures
http://www.trimbleoutdoors.com/ - tracks by state
http://trailregistry.com/ - A user submitted database of GPX files
http://www.toposhare.org/ - User submitted tracklogs with google maps interface
http://www.singletracks.com/ - One of the best sources for quality GPX files
http://www.catsiii.com/hiking/ - My site with data from NM and AZ hikes

I don't know much about the following sites, yet. I found this list on a GPS forum website:

http://wikiwalki.com - Based on the Google Maps API. Decent interface
http://www.gpxchange.com/ - Easy way to get a bunch of way-points into gps
http://forum.delorme.com/ - Forum for TOPO! exchanges
http://www.gpsxchange.com/ - Usefull information source if you don't mind searching forums
http://www.topozone.com - Source of information, if you really want to search for something interesting in your area http://www.everytrail.com/ - Another rendition of the Google Maps API
http://www.mtbguru.com/ - For mountain bikers, but works for hikers, too
http://garminmapsearch.com/ - Garmin's source of track info
http://www.gpsxchange.com/ - A forum to exchange track info
http://www.sorbachattanooga.org/ - Another mountain biker site
http://www.mountaindynamics.com/ - Has tracks for resort ski runs

http://gpstracklog.typepad.com/ - a search tool. Searches using Google to try to find .gpx files

- Government web site for free geo data